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We cannot do this without your help.

We are depending on you to get the word around about this service to your friends.

And in turn you will make a piece of every monthly payment your referrals make. It's quite easy...

You offer them 1 month free - and you'll lock in most if not all your referrals! Our system will do the rest and you will get a monthly check.

Earn Cash By Sending Us Your Friends

How to earn money marketing EquityPropertyDeals.com

Use these tools to earn as much money as possible marketing the EquityPropertyDeals.com.

How will you get paid?

  • We'll pay commissions once a month by Check or via PayPal
  • You will get instructions how to update your account with your payment preferences

How do I know if I have referred anyone?

  • Every time someone signs under you, you will get an instant email
  • Every time you earn a commission, you will get an instant email
  • You can check your eanings any time from your affiliate earnings page

Please use all these tools for your marketing campaigns:

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Just fill the form below and have this entire page personalized with your name and affiliate link!

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Your Affiliate Link

This is the link you should send to your friends.

  • It will track your referrals seamlessly.
  • Whenever they make an order now or any time in the future, it will be tracked to you


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Your Redirect Link

Do you have a web site for your real estate business? If you don't, you are missing out on a crucial profits from automated income through your web site.


Whenever you send ads via email, it is always advisable to have a link on your web site that redirects to your affiliate link. This looks more professional, is easier to remember and delivers better results!

Recommended links have been shown to convert 30% better than regular affiliate links. Use a redirect from your web site like.


  • Create a folder on your computer called Recommends
  • Inside the folder Recommends, Create a folder on your computer called EquityPropertyDeals
  • Create a file called index.php (see contents below) and save it in the folder EquityPropertyDeals

Put this code in index.php

header("Location: XXXX");

4: Upload the folder Recommends and its contents to your web site

Your new link will now be

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Display Our Listings On Your Web Site!

This is probably the easiest way to refer friends.


  • Get the code for the area you would like to display on your web site from this page
  • Paste the code on the left side of those listings to your web page.
    That's it!

Whenever they view those properties, if they want to view full details, they will have to sign up with us and you will get full credit.

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Put These Text Links On Your Web Site(s)

You should have your affiliate links strategically on your web site to attract more referrals.

Use this code to put your affiliate links on your web site


TITLE - Hundreds of Profitable Investment Deals

TITLE - Investors Deal Paradise


TITLE - Get Your Next Investment Deal Here

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Send These Email Ads To Your List
Question Do you know friends who invest in real estate?
Question Do you have a mailing list of real estate investors you can invite to use our services?
Question Do you attend meetings in your local real estate investment group?
Question Do you know or come across people who buy and sell real estate property?

Use these emails to invite them to use our services


Email 1:

Email 2:


Email 3:


Email 4 - HTML Email:

- U.r.g.e.n.t -

F.r.e.e Access To Wholesale Deals How much money did you make in real estate last year? If your numbers don't quite add up, then add EquityPropertyDeals.com to your arsenal, and generate $15,000 to $150,000 in bottom-line profits in the next three months.

Earn these big profits by buying, fixing up, then re-selling just one or two of the many wholesale deals on EquityPropertyDeals.com. Or take one of the deals that need taking over payments for a positive cash-flow and a big payday on the back end...

EquityPropertyDeals.com is the online service that specializes in finding the best wholesale real estate deals with equity in your local area. It's quickly becoming the #1 source of bargain-priced properties for real estate investors.

Simply put, EquityPropertyDeals.com is your MLS for investment properties in your local market. It brings you under-the-radar deals not available anywhere in the open market and only available to a small inner circle of real estate investors.

That's why all serious real estate investors are encouraged to join. And if you join today, you can take advantage of the opportunity to try it F.R.E.E for 30 days. In fact depending on your local market, your access could be 100% F-R-E-E.

So if you join right now, you will get

1) Instant access to 50+ exclusive high equity wholesale deals, all available at the click of the mouse

2) Every morning, you'll be receiving a list of newly posted wholesale deals in your local market. And if you want, you can be notified instantly as soon as a new deal is posted in your market region so you are the first to cherry-pick the best deals before anyone grabs them.

Go to this page now to claim your F.R.E.E wholesale deals - remember you get all the above at zero c0st for the first 30 days... only if you take it now.

I use it every day, you should too!

Click here to access these deals now

Copy this HTML code

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Put These Signatures in Your Email And Forum Accounts

Putting signatures on regular emails and on your forum profile is a great way to get traffic as you do what you normally do.

What are signatures?
I'm sure you've received an email (such as a yahoo email) that had some message at the foot of the message, like "Get a free email account at mail.yahoo.com"

People who visit forums are normally active marketers, and they are likely to be more responsive than most audiences. Some forums allow blatant advertising or may have specific areas dedicated to advertising, while others do not allow any advertising.

Almost all of them allow putting a signature on your profile (See example at the foot of this post). Do not break forum rules as you may get blacklisted.

If you do not regularly visit (and contribute to) forums, you better start now.

  • It's one of the best ways that I know to stay informed on what's currently happening on the market
  • It's an excellent way to seek and get help
  • It's an excellent way to find out what works and what does not
  • It's an excellent way to get Joint Venture Partners
  • It's an excellent way to...

To put it plainly, it's an excellent way of growing your business. Here are a few forums (among others) that we recommend

EquityPropertyDeals Forum    
Creative Investor  Bill Gatten  Russ Whitney
 Ron Legrand  Early To Rise  Deal Makers Cafe
 AIREO  Propbot  Bigger Pockets
Copy any one of these signatures and put on your email and forum signatures. You can change them accordingly depending on forum rules/needs



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Monetize Your Business Cards

Business cards are the most common way of advertising our business. Chances are you are already passing on your business cards wherever you go

What if you were making 2 streams of income whenever you pass on your cards?

  • Get your redirect Link or use your Affiliate Link
  • Order your next business cards with the back of the card containing a simple message containing your affiliate link
  • That simple message could make you hundreds of dollars a month
  • We recommend the following places where you can get your cards fast and cheap!
Overnight Prints Vistaprints
 Prints Made easy Iprint
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Sponsor These Ads on Pay Per Click Networks

Pay per click campaigns are one the most effective ways to get quick traffic to your web site. The concept is to pay a certain amount of money (that you decide) for every visitor sent to your link.

The more money you bid per click, the higher your ad appears in search results.

You can even target your results to your local area.

We recommend you start advertising your affiliate URL with the following Pay Per Click services. You can get a LOT of traffic from these:

In general, try to
- include a keyword in title/description
- make it catch readers' attention

Google and Yahoo have very good keyword suggestion tools that will help you develop even more keywords.


Wholesale Related Keywords

Flip This House
Purchase your next investment
property up to 50% off retail

Hundreds of wholesale deals
Equity rich deals yours to profit


Flip These 50% Off Houses
100s of Wholesale Houses at
50% Discounts Ready for Your Flip

Wholesaling Property
Find low cost homes to invest in.
Pictures and maps provided.

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