Be The First To See Every Deal In Your Market and...

Beat Your Competition To The Best Deals In Your Market

If you’re ready to super-charge your real estate investing career to the next level then you are about to lock in a constant flow of only the top cream, best real estate wholesale deals with high equity.

We are looking for motivated investors to run and promote our service in each county in the US.

In return,

  • You will have an unlimited supply of the best deals in your market

  • You will earn 40% commissions on your referrals paid monthly.
    This can turn into a healthy monthly check especially if you have an investors mailing list or are affiliated with an investment club

    When you sign up, you will receive a referral link you can use to send your friends

By becoming our local partner in your county, you will be the first to see and approve every real estate deal as soon as it's posted before it's made public to other investors.

No charge if you get in now!
FREE if you get in now As unbelievable as it sounds, we have decided to offer this for FREE for a limited time only on a trial basis.

Only if your county is not taken!

We will be charging for this in future, but if you become a partner, you will lock it in at no cost.

This position is open to only one partner exclusively per county.

As investors post their wholesale deals on our network, you will be instantly notified in real time as it's posted.

You will then log into your online back office, check the numbers, maybe run some comps, then approve the deals so they become available to investors in our network.

As soon as you approve them, they'll then be sent by email to all the subscribed investors in that region and also become available to them on our web site.

As you approve these deals, you will have the opportunity to cherry-pick the best for yourself with no competition.

Are you a rehabber looking for more and better deals?
Are you a wholesaler looking to flip more deals?
Do you run an investment club in your area?
Are you an investor looking for more creative financing deals (such as "subject-to" deals)?
Or maybe just getting started and would like to jump into the middle of real estate investing in high gear?
Do you currently pay a finders fee for people to locate good deals for you?

Look no further. You will have more deals
than you can possibly handle

As we continue to grow steadily county by county every single week, we have developed the need for local partners, who by running their local wholesale market, will get in the middle of hot deals before anyone else.

When you join our partner program, you will be the first to see these deals.

Before a new deal becomes public in our system it must be “approved” as a measure of quality control. To preserve the integrity of this service, we only allow properties that provide a profit after remodelling.

We check each listing manually to keep both unprofitable deals and blatant advertising off the site.

Since you know the local market better than we do, you will be able examine the deal for its potential as a profitable rehab. You may choose to run quick comps, or just by knowing the area well enough, you can quickly approve (or disapprove) any deals that have been posted.

Get in the middle of the hottest deals before anyone else in your market
Cherry-pick the best for yourself!
Grow your contact list quickly and place yourself in the middle of hot deals in your area
Close more deals faster and easier
We will provide everything you need to be successful
You will gain the solid reputation as the "go-to person" for the best deals in your market
Perfect for investment clubs and groups looking to provide a solid benefit to its members
As the “gatekeeper” of all these deals, you will quickly gain valuable unprecedented knowledge of the market very quickly. If you’re new to the business, this will be one hands-on teacher for you. If you’re a seasoned investor, you’ll be shocked by the number and kind of deals you see every day!


Once you have been approved as the Local Partner in your county, you will have your own secure online back office that you can access anywhere you have an internet connection.

You will then be able to manage your listings, deals and opportunities all from one place.


How much does it cost?
We have decided to offer this partnership on a trial basis for free.

I know this sounds crazy, but as our Local Partner, we will entrust you with promoting us and running our service in your county.

This FREE Partnership will
not last long

What's the catch?
We only ask that you approve each new deal within 3 hours of being posted. You will be notified by email as soon as each new deal is posted..

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