Are you a licensed Real Estate Agent or Realtor?

Can You Handle Tens,
Maybe Hundreds Of
Real Estate
Transactions As
The Agent?

If You Can, You Better
Be Ready To Work

     Coz we can't accept anything less...

If you have been looking for an endless supply of clients hungry to buy and sell houses with you as their Real Estate Agent, then brace now.

Because you are about to discover a very privileged and lucrative opportunity for select Realtors that is also severely limited that could see you with handling tens, maybe hundreds of real estate transactions.

But we can accept Only aggresive and resourceful Realtors

Sorry, no exceptions...

Our ever-increasing number of demanding real estate investors need a committed go-getter as their Realtor whether they are buying or selling real estate.

In return, you will probably find yourself representing multiple investors in their real estate transactions at the same time.

Can you handle this?
Do you think this will help your business?
Fewer and fewer real estate deals? Has the current real estate bubble left your business dwindling with fewer and fewer clients, or even with no clients at all, who actually close on your deals and earn you commissions?

This letter will fix that and more only if you are not already too late!


Only ONE Realtor Per County

No exceptions - you have no competition

Multiple Realtors are competing to grab your county - first come first served!

The clock is ticking


By becoming the Exclusive Preferred Realtor in your county, you will become the only "go-to Realtor" for our real estate investors for all their real estate needs.

This is an extremely lucrative position, which unfortunately is also severely limited.

If your county is not already taken, and if you are accepted, then you will represent all our investors in your county in their real estate transactions exclusively.

How much business would this bring you?

These positions are filling extremely fast; by the time you finish reading this entire letter, your county could already be taken!

Most counties have several Realtors looking to lock in their positions in the same county. We are offering this lucrative position on a first come first served basis subject to availability.

Your position as the Exclusive Preferred Realtor in your county positions you right in the middle of hot real estate deals with you solely as the "go-to Realtor" in all these transactions.

Real Estate Agent in the middle of deals

You better be ready to work over-time because your demand could mean you representing multiple investors in their transactions at the same time.

As overwhelming as this may sound, I know it's a tough decision to make, but the commissions will be yours to earn exclusively.

Our investors need a commited Realtor working with them, so we must be sure you are willing to take the challenge and serve them diligently.

Position yourself today as the gate keeper
of ALL profitable investment deals
in your market area is poised to quickly gain ground as the number one investor marketplace for wholesale real estate transactions.

Investors from all over the country buy and sell under-valued (discounted) real estate property.

You as the Exclusive Preferred Realtor will be exclusively contacted by the investors in your county for your services.

No other Realtor can take up your position as long as your position as the Exclusive Preferred Realtor stays active.

You will be the only Preferred Realtor in
your county or counties.

You will have no competition.

You will exclusively represent our investors in their real estate transactions.

You will be right in the middle of real estate deals as they happen, and exclusively offer your professional services to our investors be it help with contracts, listing agreements, leasing houses, buying listed discounted properties, or when investors sell their houses.

By signing up as an Exclusive Preferred Realtor, you will lock in an increasing number of investors in your county as we grow and attract more and more investors.

As the "Go-to Realtor", investment
deals will come to you

Your agent listing (banner or link) will be placed conspicously on top of the page for every individual listing in your county.

Top left listing closely associates you with the listing


It will also be equally conspicously included in every email sent when a new property is submitted by investors.

Top placement means they will see you and call you

You will become the person mostly contacted when investment properties change hands - you earn the commissions.

When investors want to sell their fixed-up properties bought through, they will call you to get them listed. You will become their seller's agent. You earn the commissions
When they want to lease out their investment properties, they will call you to get them listed. You earn the commissions
When they want to buy discounted bank owned properties (REOs), they call you to search for investment deals. Many of the investors have no way of getting the latest Hot MLS Listings. You are the Realtor they know and you will become their buyer's agent- You earn the commissions
When they need specialized professional services (such as contracts), they come to you - the rapport and relationships you develop position you as an expert in your market
Word gets around quickly - their friends will soon know about you. They will know that you are the real estate king dog expert in your region. Soon you will be in the middle of more deals than you can handle
By becoming the Exclusive Preferred Realtor, in your county, you are forced to interact with hundreds of real estate investors and potentially thousands of deals
Cherry pick the best deals in your market for YOU!
You differentiate yourself from the thousands of other realtors in your area
If you do not already have one, you will be able to create a professional web page that you can use to describe your services to the investors. Potray a professional image to investors. As long as you can type, you will be able to create a professional web page. No technical know-how is necessary.

You can send an email to all the investors in your county. This is a great way to introduce yourself to investors in your local market.

This will kick-start your business in high gear and get you rolling right away. You can send an email as often as you need for a small fee.

We will drop you right in the middle
of the investing action in
your market area

It’s up to you to come out with a profit.

But that's not all....

As as the Exclusive Preferred Realtor, your listing will also appear conspicously on top of all the other listings in our directory of service providers.

When investors visit our directory, it is your listing they will see first. They will call you for their real estate needs.

Top conspicous listing in directory

Our directory is well optimized for search engines, and investors looking for real estate services in the search engines will easily find you.

When they visit our directory, they will see your listing first because it will be the most conspicuous on the page.

Investors will see that you are the preferred Real Estate Agent in your county. They will be more likely to call you whenever they need real estate professional services than other providers.

Investors will not be able to get away
from you even if they want to

Your constant commanding presence in all wholesale listings and emails will have them associating you with all the deals in your market.

And it's you they will call when they need real estate services.

Locating real estate through local internet search is huge, and is growing bigger and bigger every day. Currently, most people searching for houses start their search on the internet, whether they are regular buyers or investors.

Being the "Go-to Realtor" drops these investor buyers or sellers right on your lap. Soon you'll be closing more deals than you can handle.

Investors will associate you with all the deals in your county.

You will be their "God-given answer" whenever the need a Realtor's services.

It is only you that they know as the local expert and trust you to represent them.

How much commissions can you handle?

You can no longer just depend on referrals from friends for your business. While these are nice, they are limited by the number of friends you have.

Your leads will constantly be delivered "on a silver platter". And of course, they are yours exclusively.

Exclusives don't come easy in
today's environment

And that's why we only have a few to go around.

Lucrative wholesale market

Has the current down-trend in the real estate market threatened your real estate business?

The real estate wholesale market is exploding because of the bad house market. This has presented a huge opportunity for investors not seen in recent times.

And you make the deals happen for them - you earn the commissions.

Whether they buy and hold, negotiate short sales with burned lenders, flip as wholesale deals, fix and sell, investment opportunities are at an all-time high.

You will be right in the middle of this
boom as you make these deals
happen for your investors

What's the catch?
All I ask is you will give us 30 minutes a day serving our investors.

While your services will be in high demand to our investors, it's crucial that we select only those real estate agents who are committed and able to serve our investors.

Since we only select one real estate agent per county exclusively, we cannot over-emphasize the importance of your commitment to provide your professional services.

Of course, your acceptance as the Exclusive Preferred Realtor in your county could mean you working over-time every day non-stop.

Your commitment will be well rewarded with an un-ending demand to represent our investors in probably more real estate transactions than you can possibly handle.
Do I need any kind of licensing?
You must be a licensed real estate agent in your state. You do not need any further licensing to work with us.
 What guarantees do you offer?

We put you in the middle of real estate investing action. It's up to you to come out with a profit.

Your profitability will depend on the time you put serving our investors. If you get hundreds of investors in your market region, chances are you could get as many as 10 deals in 30 to 60 days.

This partnership is designed to turn
selected real estate agents
into mass producers

It could very well turn you into a very wealthy individual in a very short time.

What if my county is not available?

We will still ask you to submit your information for free so you can appear in our directory of service providers.

If your county opens up in the future, we will notify you immediately so you can upgrade your listing to Exclusive Preferred Realtor.

Why do you NEED to be the "Go-to Realtor"?

You will have more buyers and sellers hungry for you to represent them than you've probably ever had before
You will become a real estate expert with buyers and sellers seeking your exclusive services
You will develop an ever-growing network of investors handling tens or even hundreds of real estate transactions
We will put you right in the middle of a very lucrative real estate market
What will this do to your
What's the cost?
If you are commited and sure that you can handle the nagging demands to represent our investors in their real estate transactions as their exclusive real estate agent, AND your county is NOT TAKEN,


You will be among the lucky few who will lock in your county at an all-time low introductory price you cannot find anywhere else.

The price depends on your county - it's population, the number of investors and the real estate deals coming from your county.

We believe that our investors will be well served by your professional services that will grow our business even further.

For this reason we make it extremely easy for you to lock in your market region. Your business will grow right along with ours.

It's likely you will just need only one deal to pay for the entire year. The rest will be pure profits for you.

This is a very fruitful partnership
driven by a huge need

If you have the nerve and commitment to exclusively handle transactions for our investors in an entire county, then...

Better brace yourself
Please be my real estate agent! Because you will probably have hundreds, maybe thousands of investors nagging you to represent them in their real estate transactions.
Can you handle this?
Do you think this will help your business?

Then you need to lock in your county right now!

Time is of the essence

Since only one slot is available per county, this position is severely limited.

Some counties have several Realtors looking looking to lock in the same county. This is strictly first come, first served.

The clock is ticking

YES! I am ready to lock in my county

I understand I will be the exclusive Realtor and will offer my services with no competition

I understand only one (1) position is available in my county

I understand I will get this position only if I am the first one to lock it in or if it has fallen vacant - first come first served

Click here to lock in your county
Click Here To Lock In Your County

Remember, by locking in your county, you will be the exclusive Real Estate Agent representing our investors in their real estate transactions with no competition. However, you can get this only if you act very fast before it's taken by someone else.
Only one position is available

It's first come first served.
Already, some counties have Realtors competing for the same county at the same time. Sorry folks, but we can only accommodate one aggressive, committed Real Estate Agent at a time exclusively.
Time is of the essence. Grab your county right now before it disappears.

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