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Looking To Build Extra Business?

Upgrade your listing to an Exclusive Service Provider. You have several choices depending on the volume of business you are looking to attract and availability.

As an Exclusive Recommended Service Provider, we will promote you exclusively as the preferred service provider to investors in your county.

These investors are very active buyers and sellers of real estate. This could bring you tens of deals in a very short time.

Only one slot is open per county!

Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agents - Become the only Real Estate Agent recommended to investors in your county
Hard Money Lender
Hard Money Lenders - Become the only Hard Money Lender recommended to investors in your county
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Brokers - Become the only Mortgage Broker recommended to investors in your county

Featured Service Provider - For only $20, your entire listing will be featured in our outgoing system emails including your entire description, banner and classified ad!

Your listing will be rotated at random with other service providers that offer different services - you have no competition for your service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I wait to upgrade my submission later?
We cannot guarantee you will find it open or available next time. These slots are extremely limited, in most cases only one per county and availability is not guaranteed.

Q: What do I do if I find my county is already taken?
Submit your information for free!

We will notify you when a Recommended Service Provider or Featured Service Provider opportunity is available in your county

Make sure you submit your information in our directory even if you find no upgrade options are available in your county!

Q: Why would I upgrade to Recommended Service Provider or Featured Service Provider?
These positions allow you to reach numerous investors in your market region. These investors are very active buyers and sellers of real estate and are most likely to need your services.

By taking an upgrade option, you lock in all investors in a county for yourself with no competition!

Q: Can I lock in more than one county?
Of course!
If you offer services in that county and it's not taken, you can lock it if you are the first one. You will be the only service provider in that county if you do!

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